What's a good host?


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I am currently planning on starting a new hub server. I have 2 of the servers already, but would anyone recommend a cheap service that would be great for the bungee proxy and the lobby? Maybe it could be used for others servers.


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hosting depends on what you want.

I'd recommend either Endermitehost or Shockbyte since they both are reasonably cheap and are yet to let me down with their services .

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If you're getting into the multi server bungie setup and have any technical ability whatsoever, you may consider getting into dedicated hosting options. A bit of time and effort and you can learn enough linux to get up and running with something like linuxgsm


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I recommend using Shockbyte,they're an affordable server host with great specs, and 24/7 live-chat support. They also recently started providing hosting for other game types such as Ark and Rust :)