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  1. mygamesarefun

    mygamesarefun New user

    Hey guys I was looking for some peoples opinions on my first ever fast build. Please use constructive criticism! Thanks!

    P.S: This took a very long time to make so I hope you enjoy it haha​
  3. Dienotrix

    Dienotrix Regular user

    Hey man, awesome job on that epic Speedbuild! I am so impressed how only two people built that humongous structure! By the way, I also make minecraft videos, and I would really appreciate it if you could check me out and leave some feedback! Also, I wish you good luck on Youtube and keep up the good work!

    Good job,
    Dienotrix Trixer

    Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/DienotrixTrixer
  4. TheXFactor117

    TheXFactor117 Regular user Forum Supporter

    Woah, that's pretty cool ;)

    Maybe you can try some fast builds that are on already generated/custom generated terrain (they can be smaller, as they most likely will be harder).

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