Turning on online-mode clears player's data


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Hey guys, I'm having a problem with my vanilla server. It's a bought server which uses Multicraft for the control panel. Here's the problem: I used to have players with cracked account on my server, so I turned off online-mode. They don't play anymore so now I want to turn on online-mode, so we can see eachother's skins. But when I turn on online-mode in the server properties everyone's playerdata is no longer linked to that person, which means no more items/achievements etc. Now I could go and assign everyone's new player ID to the old playerdata files, but that's alot of work, does anyone know of an easy way to prevent this from happening?


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You just described the issue.

Offline mode means nobody's account is linked to well.. anything. Anyone could login with your username as long as you weren't already on and take your op.
Online mode fixes that. Meaning you have to manually link ids to usernames or else you have to restart.