The Tunnel Killer (Minecraft 2016 Horror Map)

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    [​IMG] The Tunnel Killer
    Map Download:

    The sequel has now been released: The Tunnel Killer.

    Map Info:
    Hello everyone! Thank you for viewing and possibly downloading my map The Tunnel Killer. This map took a pretty long time to build.


    • Jumpscares.
    • Custom sounds/textures from the Grief resource pack.
    • Seamless player detectors.
    • Puzzles.
    • Ambience.
    • And a lot of gameplay that still doesn't lose it's scariness!
    What else? Find out for yourself! Here's the story, too:

    You assume the role of a victim of a tunnel accident a few years after a huge war. You bought a new house, with a conveniently placed basement from the war. You decide to use it as a power switcher, but once you get on the key room (Which strangely still has power), it breaks and you find not a place to sleep, but rather a place that you must struggle to escape from. What will you find in the tunnel?

    That's just a little vague background story for you [​IMG] . WARNING: Some of the puzzles in this map may require some thought, but hopefully not too much. Thanks again for playing this, try and have fun! Also, be sure to inform me if you make a video.

    Also: You must use the 1.8.9 version provided! Also, just a special note: The key machine is in the basement, at the key room (You must do some finding-type stuff). This will make sense once you play.

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