The Mine - Horror Adventure

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    This is a HORROR MAP, it will be scary. If you don't like scary stuff, this probably isn't the map for you.

    Story: You've lived in a ordinary Minecraft world for a week or two and one day decide to go mining. Your usual mine is unaccessible, so you find a place that looks nice and decide that's a good place to start. After awhile you find a abandoned mineshaft and search it for valuable loot. But you don't only find loot, you also find a horrible nightmare, and lastly you find you can't turn back . . .

    Gameplay time:45+ minutes

    Version: 1.8+

    The resource pack is included in the map itself so there is no need to load one. If you have any questions, comments, let's plays, or find bugs please let me know in the comments section that would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy the terror!


    Additional screenshots:
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  3. KingDarren7203

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    looks good, I'm certainly going to give it a go :) ,just a hint on your main image, the red text saying "minecraft horror map" is a bit hard for me to read being part colour blind. use a slightly lighter red and it should be good.
  5. KingDarren7203

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    Let me know what you think, but as for the color thing I wanted to make it the color of blood so it was a bit darker. You can also make vids!
  6. KingDarren7203

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    Now about 27,000 downloads on mc maps!
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    cool map man, it looks good, good enough for me to give it a download, also, is the miner a sequel to this?
  8. Skywebz

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    Yeah, looks awesome. But why did you stole a lot of things from other maps ? :eek:
    Come here, GreenLenux ...

    You stole a model from The Lost Soul : Herobrine's Challenge, and some textures from Grief. Fail.
  9. KingDarren7203

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