Optimize your pc for perfect gaming!


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Good day friends! Offers its services to accelerate and optimize your pc - useful for
gamers - your games and multimedia applications run fast as possible on your system. Let your PC is running at maximum and It provides the highest possible fps!

- Optimization and acceleration of the computer remotely via TeamViewer
- Includes cleaning junk files from your PC
- Improve Boot up times and speed up your S-L-O-W PC
- Find and remove viruses and spyware from your computer
- Troubleshooting software errors.
- Configuring Windows settings for maximum acceleration
- Safety, reliability, experience since 2006.

Call me, will be glad to help you
Best regards, Dmitry
Skype - kenjitsu1

Payment type donation - about 10-20 usd / eur for my work.

Optimize your pc - for perfect gaming experience