One Ear's 360 Seed Collection

Discussion in 'Seeds' started by One Ear, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. One Ear

    One Ear New user

    This will be the starting point of the collection and a placeholder until my next post. All I ask is that you reply to the latest seed
  3. TheXFactor117

    TheXFactor117 Regular user Forum Supporter

    If only I played on the 360... ;)
  4. One Ear

    One Ear New user

    I apologize for the delay. I recently got an update and whenever i try to make a new world with a custom skin, my console ends up crashing before it can save

    I'll try some other methods to see if I can get this rolling again
  5. One Ear

    One Ear New user

    I like to amend a previous statement.
    The statement said "reply to current seed". The revision is "As long as there are new posts or there are blank seeds that have not been talked about, you may talk about them".

    The seed number should work the same no matter what platform you are using. The outcome may be different
  6. One Ear

    One Ear New user


    *1 Swamp
    *2 Snow
    *1 June
    *1 Mountain
    *2 Town
    *4 Forest
    *3 Grassland
    *1 Desert

    * Inlet in upper right corner
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  7. One Ear

    One Ear New user


    *2 Mushroom
    *1 Mountain
    *2 Jungle
    *2 Desert
    *1 Snow
    *1 Swamp

    *Isolated islands with 1 tree, some grass, and some food at x-206 z-305
  8. One Ear

    One Ear New user


    *3 mushroom
    *2 desert
    *1 mountain
    *2 snow
    *1 jungle
    *2 forest
    *1 Grassland
    *2 swamp
    *1 town

    Part of desert and swamp has erroded
  9. One Ear

    One Ear New user

    Seed: 61. I spawned in a chasm beneath the jungle. its a 20 ft drop. Looking behind. There's a water flow near a wall that's a 25 block climb. On the surface is a small island. Jungle 5%, swamp 8%, snow 4%. There are 3 islands of mushroom. There is an island with 1 tree in the southeast.
  10. One Ear

    One Ear New user

    Seed: 90. I spawned near 3 biomes: desert, jungle, mountain. The world is almost vertical, like something out of an rpg. Swamp and Grassland in the southeast. Small jungle above it. Mountain in south central. Big mushroom and lone flat island in the southwest. Above the Mountain is a jungle, which wraps around the edges of the other Biomes. Mountains to the west of the jungle. In the north is another desert with a town. East of the desert is 1 mushroom island. In the northwest is 1 biome of snow. In the eastern mountains are 2 things. Along the northwestern part are some pillars. Along the south central part is a valley which will take some mining or flying to get out of. There's also 2 dead end caves with nothing in them.

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