Islands of Loth - Custom Terrian Map

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    Hello everyone, this is Chesire, or Pandora, whichever you prefer, a new member, and a possible future map creator.
    I have been dabbling with WorldPainter lately, and have created my first map. It is nothing special, a collection of islands, all with at least one form of crop growing on them, most with a handful of trees. Sadly, I started work on this a while ago, and was only recently told how to get custom trees into the map, so I do not remember the size, though it is nothing less than 300 by 300 blocks, and nothing more than 600 by 600 blocks, rather small, but, I am fairly proud of it.

    There are two versions of this map, a Survival one, with a chest full of goodies, and resources throughout the world ( Along with structures, though be warned, it is Superflat outside of the actual map, so finding things in the ocean area will be difficult ) , which is more inclined to anyone that wants to play by themselves on it, with friends, or maybe a small server. It has options for cheats on, to allow people to set gamerules such as doFireTick and mobGriefing to false if they so please, the default difficulty is set to Easy, but, due to the cheats being enabled, one may easily change it to something harder.
    The second version, Creative. Resources are off, cheats are on and you are automatically in Creative mode when you log onto the map. It is more inclined to someone wanting to simply build on it, for one reason or another, or perhaps for a small, private server. By default it is on Peaceful, and there is no chest of goodies, but one could easily change that.
    Animals spawn in both versions, unless mob spawning is turned off. The biomes are Ocean, Forest, and Plains.

    On either version you spawn by a small pond of water with some sugar cane. If on the Survival version, there will be a chest full of supplies ( Default chest, items could be random ) near you. There is a Plains part of an island near you, and plenty of crops around to snag and replant in your own farm.


    Resource Pack

    Conquest [Unknown Version, I downloaded it a while ago]

    Can be used on any version 1.7+, as there are every sort of flower on the islands at least once. Though be warned, Rabbits in 1.8+ will eat the planted carrots, so you better find them before they do and grab them.

    All 1.7+ Animals will spawn on the islands depending on the version, that means Horses, Wolves, Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Pigs, Cows, and, possibly, Squids, will spawn. Ocelots will not spawn due to not biome being Jungle, and Guardians may not spawn in 1.8+ due to the world being superflat and Ocean biome. Rabbits will spawn if in 1.8+.

    Custom Tree Credit
    I, like many WorldPainter users, have used a custom tree packet in order to get the amazing trees. This packet can be found here. This user has given permission for anyone to use their packet, as long as credit is given, and here that credit is! Go give them some love!

    Anyone is allowed to use either versions of this map, just please give credit to me! I worked hard on this map, even though it's small, I'm a new WorldPainter user, and I'm proud of what I've done. A simple link here or something is all I ask for if you post anything about it ( For a private server or Let's Play type of thing ) .

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    Looks awesome but I can't open .rar files. Can you convert it to zip?

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