I cant login to minecraft

Discussion in 'Unmodified Minecraft Client Support' started by xitz, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. xitz

    xitz New user

    When i try to login it always says : "Sorry but we couldnt connect to our servers.Please make sure you are online and your minecraft isnt blocked

    (CerfiticateExeption: No name matching authserver.mojang.com found)

    but im online so i dont know what i should do pls help as fast as you can :/
    I already checked if minecraft is blocked in the firewall but it isnt
  3. Marnixo

    Marnixo New user

    Does your parents or you own a administrive blocking software, such as Quostudio?

    I had acsidently downloaded it and blocked minecraft, and fixed it. If thats the case you do this...

    Go to the app - Log out - Go to the website/app - Disable the protection on your device - Disable your account - Wait 1 - 2 hours for it to work

    If that isint the case, You should report it to mojang with the error code you recieve (Should be near the text)

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