Firework Engineer - New Years map (2017)

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Fortune Ventures, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Fortune Ventures

    Fortune Ventures New user

    We made a new years map!


    There is a disturbance and the villagers in your town are very upset.
    Find out why and save the day in this short story - New Years map!

    • Collect items to fix the 2017 firework.
    • Estimated play time: 10 minutes
    • Small storyline
    • Firework (pretty)
    • Suitable for multiplayer

    *More pictures on the minecraftmaps link (don't want to overload you guys! :p)


    *If you upload (youtube etc.), stream, or in any other way show it to
    other people give credit to and add links: Fortune Ventures.

    Happy New Near!
    We wish you all a happy new year! (in advance)

    MCXBPE New user

    Wow! This seems like a pretty good idea for 4th of July! Too bad that's quite a bit away.

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