Bikini Bottom (Spongebob) The Beginning!


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Bikini Bottom
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A server that combines KitPvP and Survival together in an undersea world known as the Bikini Bottom. Players hunts for each other in the city meanwhile living in their childhood cartoon world!

Similar to the GTA housing system, players will be able to purchase houses at Bikini Bottom! Buying the lowest tier house will rank you up to Citizen and buying the highest tier house will make you President!

Gangs & Cars
Spongebob too child friendly? Wouldn't hurt to put some bandits in action! Create a gang with your friends, form allies, and challenge other gangs in the arena! There are also cars in-game! Players can explore the city while driving the car, chase enemies, or even run away with it!

Make sure to check out our website!
Hop on the server if this seems cool to you!
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