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Discussion in 'MCXONE Discussion' started by Don77, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Don77

    Don77 New user

    Does anyone know if Minecraft seed
    4425252771925793391 on xbox one has any ocean monuments/sea temple's ? ,I've searched for hours and found none
  3. dragonmantis

    dragonmantis New user

    I don't know maybe if you use some potions of water breathing and night vision in the sea you might have a better chance of finding it. I've also seen youtubers that have found them right by the beach.
  4. gladranger7

    gladranger7 Regular user

    Just use frost walker w/ speed and find it... not to bad...
  5. HeGreaterThanI

    HeGreaterThanI Regular user

    Night vision sorta is screwed up once your in the water so I think that a combination of yours and gladranger7s idea is best :)
  6. dragonmantis

    dragonmantis New user

    Ok just saying you don't have to go into the water. The water breathing potion was just a suggestion. You can still see them above water.

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