Worlds folder does not exist, but worlds do.

Discussion in 'Unmodified Minecraft Client Support' started by Jizwort, May 15, 2017.

  1. Jizwort

    Jizwort New user

    I have two Android devices. one tablet and one phone. I want to write a script that will backup the world on the device I am using, upload it to my server, and when run on the other device, it will download the updated world and unpack it for continued playing.

    All resources I have found say the worlds folder is in games/com.mojang/MinecraftWorlds/ but they're not. On either device.

    But the worlds are still there. I play them... So they're SOMEWHERE on these devices.

    What am I missing?
  3. Jizwort

    Jizwort New user

    That is to say, there are no world files in the worlds folder.
  4. BlastMC

    BlastMC New user

    This is impossible, they must be somewere. Maybe you should contact the Mojang Support?
  5. Hoang Hai Gamer!

    Hoang Hai Gamer! New user

    Maybe it is stored inside the App not the minecraftWorlds folder.

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