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Discussion in 'Mods Discussion' started by Spine04, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Spine04

    Spine04 New user

    I have been trying to design a custom map for minecraft using worldedit, but there is a problem with the /brush command. Whenever I try to assign a brush to an item, the chat says that it was successful, but whenever i right click, nothing happens. I'm using minecraft 1.9 and the brush command I'm using is /brush sphere grass 5. if anybody could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. danbenver04

    danbenver04 New user

    which version is the mod? because that could cause some issues too.
  4. Marnixo

    Marnixo New user

    What is the mod version? It can cause some problems if it isint the latest version ( ) or the latest version of it for your minecraft running version, it can cause a problem.
    Does it have a Error code?
    Does it show any signs of the module crashing?

    If that doesent work, I suggest you report the issue to their staff team.
    Ive been working with the plugin for 4 years now and have never heard of anything so similar to your case?

    Your kind reguards,
    Worldedit Semi-Staff - Marnixo
    ( Contact my gmail for any other stuff you need - [email protected] )
  5. Spine04

    Spine04 New user

    i dont know what version the mod is. there was no error code. i didn't see any signs of the module crashing. it took people a while to respond and ive already uninstalled the mod. ill try to reinstall with a better version and see what happens.
  6. Marnixo

    Marnixo New user

    Make sure its the version of your server / singleplayer version.
    If that doesent work - Its not allowed on singleplayer.

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