Why i don't have a skin anymore???

Discussion in 'Skins' started by Marnix, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Marnix

    Marnix New user

    Hello Guyzz,
    I was playing mineraft 1.7.4 (On 11-1-2014) and had my skin still. but then suddenly everything started to buggen and my skin was gone!

    What is the problem ??
  3. Marnix

    Marnix New user


    When i try to chance my skinn it will not work :(
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Regular user Forum Supporter

    Minecraft uses different servers for different things (eg: skins have a seperate server, than logging in). They do this to prevent EVERYTHING going down when they only need to work on one thing. Most likely, they're just working on skins.
  5. MrPig

    MrPig Moderator Staff Member

    We will need more information to help with that...

    What client do you use? Vanilla, modded, multiplayer?
  6. Zok_

    Zok_ Regular user

    I had issues as well.

    Now it's working fine.
  7. dylan long

    dylan long New user

    i do not have xbox live so sucks for me...is there any way to get skin packs without internet? (i.e. cheat, glitch, etc. etc.)
  8. Beuteugeu

    Beuteugeu New user

    This has happened to me.

    Try uninstall and install minecraft again.

    Or your internet must be bad enough to not show skin.

    Att, Beuteugeu.
  9. Sir_Creeper_345

    Sir_Creeper_345 Regular user

    This has happened to me before on PS3 edition.
    I had to delete it and re-download it. Try doing the same, but on your computer.

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