Who wants to start a server with me?

I and my friends (Solaom and Deadpool7890_) are going to start a minecraft server. And before we start the server we need more owners and Devs. These are available spots:

Owners: 1 spot available
Devs: 2 spots available
Builders: 4 spots available
Admins: 2 spots available
Mods: 4 spots available
Forums M0d: 2 spots available

How to apply:

1. IGN:
2. Age:
3. what you want to be:
4. (if owner): staffing experience:
4. (if Admin/Mod/forums mod): what makes you eligible to be staff?
4. (if Dev): Do you know how to code java?
4. (if builder): builds (pictures):
5. How long have you played MC:
6. What has motivated you to start this server with us:
7. other:

So that is it!

Our Website is NewServer2.enjin.com ( will be changed when we select our server name)
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Kind of late to be starting a server. I would say you missed the boat by about 5 years. That being said, you will likely have to pay people to fill those roles for any empty, no-name server.