What do you call the short Zombies?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Creeper Ron, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Creeper Ron

    Creeper Ron New user

    I hate those half pint Zombies, what are they called. Are they the same things that can get into my shelter with only an open block.?
  3. CaptAdric

    CaptAdric Forum Moderator Staff Member

    The games calls them Baby Zombies, they are annoying I agree. ​
  4. SwishTracks

    SwishTracks New user

    Baby zombies bring more fun to the game. I like how they are created and how aggressive they can get. Tough times, but fun times.
  5. alpharaven

    alpharaven New user

    Baby Zombies I believe. They are pretty cool if you enjoy the survival aspect of minecraft more.
  6. Piggie

    Piggie New user

    Baby Zombies! Not short zombies haha
  7. Zenya4

    Zenya4 New user

    Yep its baby zombies :3
  8. Festieflame

    Festieflame New user

    baby zombies...... I HATE THEM!!!!!! you think you have a good xp grinder, and then, BABY ZOMBIE!

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