Unique Clash of Clans like server looking for developers, builders and helpers.


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Clash of Clans is a mobile game where you defend your island against raids or raid other player islands. The game has inspired me to develop a plugin that will mimic all of that and more. Each player will have their very own island where they can purchase and upgrade structures. All structures are static meaning they will be in a set place and cannot be moved. Every time you upgrade a structure it will get slightly bigger unlocking new possibilities through either research, and items that can be crafted or purchased. More specifically upgrading your NPC's AI which helps automate all the tasks on your island. There will be random organized mob island raids as well as player raids. During a mob raid, the mob AI will have a primary objective of destroying your townhall but if a NPC or player gets too close to the raider than it will attack those entities.


Up-gradable structures will include the town center, storage, mine, farm, wall, towers, gate, market and workshop. The town center determines how far any other structure can be upgraded as well will later give you the ability to choose your own class: e.g. archer, mage, tank. The town center will also allow you to purchase NPCs that can multitask: mine, chop, defend, follow or idle. The storage is where you store all your gold, wood, stone, food and iron. The mine is where you gather stone, gold and iron. The farm is where you gather food. The wall will help conceal your island from attackers. The towers will provide great elevation with archers. The gate is where your attackers will 'attack' from, the gate only has so much hit points before it breaks. The workshop is where all research is done. The market is where you purchase craftables.


During a mob raid, a sole pirate ship schematic or a fleet of pirate ship schematics will spawn along with two boss bars, one labeled "Pirate Flag Ship" and the other labeled "Town Center". A few seconds later pirates will spawn on the ships, all with pathfinder goals to your Town Center accept for the pirates on the flag ship which will defend their leader. If the pirates get too close to your Town Center, than your "Town Center" boss bar will lose hit points, if it gets to zero you will lose resources and the pirates will go back to their ships and the ships will eventually leave. If you assassinate the pirate leader, than all the pirates will retreat and you will gain access to the pirate leaders loot.

During a player raid, everything will be the same except the attacker will spawn in a mere boat and if the attacker brought friends than they too would spawn in boats beside the raid leader. If the attackers successfully destroy the Town Center, then the attackers win, and that's it. Might add a "Island Guardian" in the Town Center to make it more interesting.


As the player progresses with their island a small crack will form and it will grow overtime. Eventually it will become a very dark long seemingly bottomless hole. Deep down in the hole there will be a broken inactive gateway. Eventually the gateway will become active spawning deadly mobs from it invading your island. You will have the option to go through the gateway to only find yourself in another world of chaos over taken by nature and corruption. You will have the option of fighting your way through the one way path chaos to obtain epic loot. Every gateway from all player islands will lead to this world of chaos. As you progress in it you will eventually find heavily fortified strongholds with one way drawbridges blocking your path. Each stronghold will have a boss inside, once you defeat that boss you may progress to the next stronghold that will be harder.


Developer: Works as a team with other developers to come up with ideas and develop plugins.
Builder: Help build the structure and island schematics and spawn.
Helper: Contribute by coming up with creative ideas.

Please direct message me on discord at valk#7218 if you're interested in helping.