TheRoyalBandits server open now! [1.12.2]

Discussion in 'Minecraft Servers' started by AwsomeMan, Nov 9, 2017.

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    TheRoyalBandits is a friendly, semi-pvp survival server, We have great developers and a nice staff team. We believe in fun and not trying to make it hard for people or try to get money from people.
    We have kits, and a battle arena is under construction! Everytime you win a pvp battle you gain 5k$ !!!
    Castles are being build close to spawn, and way more buildings, trying to add an wave meganism to take over an castle from mobs!
    Just bring your best gear and defeat the enemy!
    We are also creating a plugin that will allow you to make groups so you can survive together in a group!
    That was it for now, just come and take a look at our beautiful minecraft server!

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