The Verve - Chill Survival - OldSchool Server Layout with a few Twists


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I keep it simple. The server has been in development for a little over a year now in my spare time. I'm very active and easy to get a hold of.

The Verve is your choice of a Survival or SkyBlock Server where you start out floating above the normal survival map at /Spawn. If SkyBlock is your thing, you'll find a portal for that there. First off, you are given an Elytra that is bound to you so if you die you'll still have it. You can fly away from Spawn to find a place to settle OR use the random teleport hologram if you want the server to choose somewhere for you. PVP is optional and can be toggled on and off with holograms at /Spawn (disabled by default). There will be a golden shovel for claiming your land (so no one else can build there or grief your stuff) in your inventory when you start and video links with explanations for how to use it.​

The server uses a digital economy. You start with $350 and can make more with a job from /Jobs. You can buy/sell items in the digital Auction House (/AH) or buy blocks, items, and perks from server /Shop. Spleef and MobArena both cost in-game currency to play and are well worth it to score some good prizes. Also, you make 2x the amount of money from doing /Jobs in the Infinite Exploration World and SkyBlock.

That being said, the mini-games; MobArena, Spleef, and Survival Games are accessible from /Spawn portals.

The main build map is a 6,000 block accross circle but there is access to an Infinite Overworld and Nether that reset weekly at /Spawn. There is also The End access at /Spawn. The End resets daily.

As time goes by, you will automatically level up and be given several chances to choose from a list of increasingly better commands/perks to help you in survival. You also gain a ton of mcMMO skill points for each level increasing as you progress. At max, Lvl50, you will be given /Fly to use as you please.

The server is completely automated but as I said, I'm very active. I do Creative mode events in Survival at least one weekend a month among other fun things for holidays. We have a very small player base right now. The Verve has been spread mostly word of mouth but I've decided to start letting people in on it because it's coming along so well.

Hope to meet you and thanks for reading,