The Myriad


New user
I recently just opened up my server, The Myriad. I am looking for fun people and helpful staff to join the server!

The IP is:

The Myriad offers a wide array of custom items, worlds and game-modes
throughout the server! There is always something to be done while

There are several tiers of items that you can obtain!

- Common: Level 0-10
- Uncommon: Level 10-20
- Rare: Level 10-25
- Unique: Level 25-55
- Heroic: Level 75-100

Each tier gets more and more powerful with a range of enchants. There
are also attributes that are randomly generated onto each item that
offer a very unique presence on the server.

We also offer a horde game-mode that you can earn more items and money
through! At the time we only have one map to offer, but more are coming
in the future.

Donation perks are available on the website we have a bunch of perks for purchase like money, claim blocks, and premium ranks!

Crates are also available, opening crates will give you rewards
randomized by percent chances. There is a beautiful auction house
accessible by all of the players, and chest shops can be setup in the

Vote for rewards like money and even more custom items!