The Miner - Horror Adventure

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    This is a HORROR MAP it will be scary. If you don't like scary stuff, this probably isn't the map for you.
    Your name is Douglas McComerick, and the year is 1979. Because you have found better employment elsewhere, it is your last day as the night guard at Spencer VanDuce’s mine.
    You have had the job for three years with no problems, but recently, a newbie miner whose name you can’t seem to remember has been staying after hours when he’s not supposed to, so it’s your job to go find him and escort him to the exit.
    But are you safe from him, what lurks here at night, and even your own mind?

    Gameplay time: 30-35+ minutes

    This map contains flashing lights and images! If you suffer from negative effects when you see these, please do not play this map!

    "The Miner" is a prequel horror map that contains amazing redstone mechanics, creeptastic horror scences, and a great plot that goes along with it!
    The resource pack for this map is inculed in the map itself so you do not need to load one in order to play.
    If you have any questions, comments, lets plays, or find bugs please let me know in the comments section of this page and I will get back
    to you as soon as I can. This will probably be the final map in the series because I'm pretty much out of idea's for it now.
    Plus it is al lot scarrier than "The Mine", the maps sequel!
    Enjoy the terror!



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    Yeah, looks awesome. But why did you stole a lot of things from other maps ? :eek:
    Come here, GreenLenux ...

    You stole a model from The Lost Soul : Herobrine's Challenge, and some textures from Grief. Fail.
  4. KingDarren7203

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    I would just like to apologize to GreenLunux for stealing his textures without his permission, and not giving him credit for it. I realize I need to credit you fully for these these textures he created. They were his, and I had know right to take them.
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    How do I download it??
  6. KingDarren7203

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    Just click Download in blue. It will take you to the download site!

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