Taming Ocelot Problem Xbox 360

Discussion in 'MCX360 Discussion' started by Boho_Bat, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Boho_Bat

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    So I play xbox 360, and recently I haven't been able to tame ocelots in survival or creative mode. I approach them in crouch with a raw fish in hand, it says 'tame' so I press that button, but all it does is put it in love mode! And I know for sure these are untamed cats. And I can't give it anymore fish while the hearts are around it, just like when you bread animals. It is true that there was an update, but it was like this before and after the update. And I have tamed ocelots before on this xbox, but lately it isn't working. Does anyone know why? I have also tried cooked fish and it doesn't work.

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