[Suggestion] Ender Magics

*Please tell me if there is a mod like this in any way*

I have liked the Ender since I found out it existed! What with the dragon and the egg and the passive aggressive Enderman, I loved the sort of mystical vibe it gave off. I kept looking for a mod that gave the player a connection with the dimension. Needless to say, the search was fruitless. So I came up with a mod idea that focuses on becoming a sibling of sorts to Enderkind. I would make it myself, but my computer doesn't have disk space to make mods of any kind, so I was hoping someone else would be interested.

Basically, you start the mod by building an infuser right-clicking a unnatural block next to an enderman. By fueling the infuser with regular fuel, you have been given the most basic ender-magic of the mod developer's choosing. There would have a sort of 'skill tree' and such. One thing I'd definitely want in the mod is the ability to talk to and make friends with enderman once infused. And perhaps there would be a selection of weapons.