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Happy to see that you're considering posting a suggestion or bug report. This is the section of the forum where you can directly have impact on the things that happen on this site.

To ensure this happens smoothly we've set up some guidelines for everyone.

  • When suggesting something, consider the fact if it's something feasible. Is it worth the effort? What are the pros and cons of your suggestion? Are there any costs (e.g development costs if no public XenForo addon exists for it)...
  • If you're suggesting a feature change or addition, try to find some addons who do what you're asking. Custom development is really time consuming and expensive so we try to use public resources who are maintained and updated frequently. You can use
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    to look up any addons.
  • When posting a bug report, ensure to include as much details as possible:
    • Screenshots/videos of what you're trying to do
    • Link of page where you encounter the bug
    • Any errors
    • Step by step explanation on how it can reproduced.
  • If you disagree with a suggestion, please explain why. This opens up a discussion regarding the suggestion and perhaps your input can make the difference!.

Thanks for reading :)
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