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  1. Hi guys i need help. My little brother and i want to make a minecraft multiplier server but for the life of me i cant figure it out. Can anyone help me make a server or tell me how to. I really want to have a 1.7.2 server since thats what i have all my mods and stuff on. So if anyone can help that would be fantastic :)
  3. CaptAdric

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    have you tried looking on youtube for a good tutorial?
  4. Yes i did i found a great easy one but it made my lap top bug out and it took me 3 hours to fix it. I just have no clue onto how to do it :(
  5. CaptAdric

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    home hosting is harder than a external host. when running a server its best to decide to whether to home host or not. I'd recommend a external host, you can get a 256MB for under $1 if you look for the right host. however you could just run a LAN server if its just for you and your bother.
  6. Ya itll just be for me and my brother but i would like the option to have other people on it too for example my friends. Where to i get external hosts? And whats a LAN server sorry im such a noob with all this stuff :(
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    Search "Minecraft Server Hosts" for external hosts.

    A LAN server is basically allowing people on your Wifi network to play on your Single Player world. Note that they have to be on your Wifi network to join.
  8. Oh ya i remember the LAN now. Ok so i can do that one and my brother and i are both on the same Wifi because we live in the same house. How does the LAN work?
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    LAN works by opening your minecraft world into your local network, so in theory you and you brother should be able to get into the same single player world when you open it to LAN

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