Server Error: Connection Lost Authentication Servers down, sorry!


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Hey, I'm new to the forums. Apologies for not being "Direct" but I've been having an issue. I am doing a project for school and need a minecraft server to do so. The server has been running fine most days, but today it decided to take a poop. I get this message on both the computer attempting to connect, and on the server terminal. Any help I could get would be ideal! The server computer has no firewall. I thought of that ahead of time. Please reply as quick as you can!

Thanks, Zac


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Seems likely that the MC auth servers were down at the time.

Whenever a client tries to connect to a server, the server makes a request to Mojang to see if the said user has paid for their account. If Mojang doesn't respond that error appears.

This error shouldn't be happening any more, if it happens again in the future you can go into your server settings and change 'offline mode' to true and that will skip authentication while the auth servers are down.