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Discussion in 'Minecraft Servers' started by MrPig, Apr 22, 2014.

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  1. MrPig

    MrPig Moderator Staff Member

    In this forum you can advertise your Minecraft server, but you need to follow a few very simple rules:

    • Only 1 thread/post per server !
    • Only post links if the server has a website! Links to other stuff like server lists where you can vote for the server is NOT allowed.
    • Do not bump the thread/post.
    • Please write the server IP, some information about the server, Minecraft version, which mods your server run, the requirements to join the server (whitelist etc.) and maybe some screenshots (use
    • The server must comply with the Minecraft EULA (read about server monetisation).

    If you do NOT follow these simple rules the thread will be deleted. If you continue to post threads that do not follow the rules you may get permanently banned.

    Thanks :)
  3. MrPig

    MrPig Moderator Staff Member

    For your inspiraion...

    Server Name

    Server IP/port:
    Minecraft Version:
    Whitelist: [yes/no]
    Max players:
    Game modes/plugins/tags: for example: Factions, Hunger Games, CTF, Roleplay, Economy, Skyblock, Creative mode, Survival mode, etc.
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