[OPENING]•Sodies Kingdoms•Friendly community•Custom Gamemode•1.10-1.12.2•Need Builder!


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Changing the way you experience
We will be expanding into a bigger network with custom gamemodes! Stay tune!
Are you tired from playing the same old gamemode over and over again??
In this minecraft server,We try to provide you with an unique experience
with our brand new gamemode.
In this gamemode,we have included unique features such as:
-Custom Plugins!
-Custom Maps!
-Archbeasts for you to conquer!
-PvP with custom items!
-Active and Friendly Community!

What makes us better?

Friendly staffs!
Fresh and custom gamemodes!
Custom items and bosses!

Here's some sneak peak into the server to get your imagination going!

Please do join in the fun :3
If you want to reach anyone of our staff members on Discord, there is a link and some important names below! •Owner: Sodies -Discord ID: Doki Doki Literature Club#8342 •Manager: Nido -Discord ID: Nido#8063 •Admin: KiritoMC -Discord ID: KiritoMC#0618 You can also find application formats on our Discord channel too!The discord link is in the server!

From:Nido from Sodies Network :3​