New survival server!


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We have been expecting you for a while now...

The main objective for our server is to introduce a survival gamemode where players can work together and have a good time, while of course being given the opportunity to establish new connections with players. It's quite obvious your friends think it's funny to cheat on the server. Not to worry! PrismaCube has a quality anticheat and active staff members to stop your friends in their tracks. With that said, we are able to create a positive impact on the server, with a hacker-free environment (don't support the concept of ban evading).

PrismaCube has constant events on the server to contribute to player experience. Mob griefing is disabled, and players keep their inventory when they are killed. The server is owned by Deathstroke7 (do not ask for staff within seconds of joining the server).

Without a doubt, you are wanting to join the server. Here is the IP:
(Minecraft 1.12.2)