Need help about port forwarding.


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Hey guys, I need help. I got Bukkit server and everything, but my only problem is that my server isn't online for others because my port "25565" is closed as it shows and I added the port 25565 with TCP and UDP on inbound and outbound of my firewall and still, nothing happens. When I type on Google "What is my IP?" it shows me my IP. But it's different than the IP that is used to access the router and different IP than the one shown in the cmd. Help anyone? :(
Maybe I am setting my port forwarding wrong, here's what I type:
Use Interface: atm1
Service: Minecraft
Server IP Address: [I type the IP given in the cmd which allows me to access router not the different one that other sites give me]
External Port Start: 25565
External Port End: 25565
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Internal Port Start: 25565
Internal Port End: 25565

I will really appreciate your help. :C
P.S. I use Bukkit server.


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The server IP address should be the one that your local machine is on i.e., not the one for the router.


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There are plenty of tutorials online. If you can't figure those out, none of us are going to be able to help you.


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You need to find out which router you have. This is easy, just look at the router.

When you have this info, it is easier to find a guide for port forwarding on that specific router
Find "Static Routes" on your router homepage.

Click "Add", then fill it out like this.

Active: Yes
Name: Minecraft
Destination: (For this, go to "Attached Devices", then find the name of your computer. Copy the IP listed next to it. It should look something like this: 192.168.x.x)
IP Subnet Mask:
Gateway: (This should be the IP used to access your router. Netgear is typically, while Belkin is usually

Click "Apply".

I hope this helped!

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