Need contestants for a Minecraft Ninja Warrior Series

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by nasnoahs, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. nasnoahs

    nasnoahs New user

    I am starting a series call "Minecraft Ninja Warrior", which is based off of the "American Ninja Warrior" and "Sasuke" series. Contestants will attempt to beat the 4 stages of Mt. Midoryama, a difficult obstacle course where each stage gets increasingly more difficult. I am currently accepting 20 contestant slots, and a few are already filled. Please use this app. template.

    IGN: [Username Here]
    Age: [Age here]
    Skype: [Yes/No, if so please leave username]
    Parkour skill level: [1-5, 1 is lowest]
    Timezone: []

    Skype is not required, but is preferred. Your parkour skill level is not extremely important either.


  3. TheXFactor117

    TheXFactor117 Regular user Forum Supporter

    Even though I am not here to apply, I think you got a nice idea going here. Only drawback is it is probably just a big parkour challenge in the end, but who knows!
  4. nasnoahs

    nasnoahs New user

    It is essentially a big parkour challenge, but most of the obstacles are modeled after the real ones. There are a few unique ones as well. The other thing is that all of the stages are timed, and contestants only get ONE chance. Thanks for the feedback though!

  5. TheXFactor117

    TheXFactor117 Regular user Forum Supporter

    Sounds like a pretty neat idea ;). Will you be recording them?
  6. nasnoahs

    nasnoahs New user

    Yep! You sure you don't want to sign up?
  7. TheXFactor117

    TheXFactor117 Regular user Forum Supporter

    Nah I'm good. I'm pretty busy working on some mods right now.
  8. ImBatman

    ImBatman New user

    IGN: Don't have one
    Age: 15
    Parkour skill level: 2
    Timezone: [EST
    *note: on 1.5.2 :( old Mac.

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