Need advice on establishing a new server.


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My new MC towny server is about to go live and there's only me. So that means no staff or players or anything. In fact, the map itself is virtually empty. I've got plugins installed, just the basics and most permissions are set.

So I'm wondering: whether it is better to just let people join the server and then they can suggest ways to improve it as they play along, OR, recruit staff such as admin and builders and let them build it up a bit, create some nice structures, set up extra spawnshops and stuff and then let players join?

Would you want to a join a bare server? I reckon some people might want to be "the first ever player" or join because its an explored map! But some people want to join a server at least with some community and some people already playing on it.

From my point of view, I would prefer to have staff first and THEN players, BUT, it seems that's not the ideal way to go about things.

I just don't know. What's your advice? What would be your approach?


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Towny, Essentials, Economy Plugin, chest shops, warps, staff, and more! YouTube provides great source for things like that, or I could make a video and personally teach you!


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Build the server yourself first, find help if you can, and after the server is stable, players will start joining. After players have joined the server, you will receive feedbacks and suggestions from them :)


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advertisements. Loads of advertisments. You gotta advertise the server on multiple server lists to encourage players to join! I recommend PlanetMinecraft as theres loads of traffic there