Mojang & Minecraft bought by Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars

Discussion in 'Minecraft News' started by WiZe, Sep 15, 2014.

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  1. WiZe

    WiZe Moderator Staff Member

  3. TheXFactor117

    TheXFactor117 Regular user Forum Supporter

    I see this as a good, and bad opportunity.

    First I will start out with the bad.

    Microsoft bought Mojang because they think it is a good investment opportunity. When you are an investor, you put money into something, to get back what you payed plus more. The only way I see Microsoft gaining their 2.5 Billion dollars back is doing something to how you purchase Minecraft.

    They will either:
    -- Raise the price of Minecraft ($40, maybe even $60)
    -- Subscription based payment
    -- Pay for DLC (or in our terms, updates like 1.8)

    Either that, or they will wait a LONG time to get back what they payed.

    As for some mediocre information, we have no idea what Microsoft entails to do with Minecraft. Servers could either be destroyed, or they change the EULA yet again. What about YouTubers? Will they be able to get money off of that? CaptainSparklez has definitely been wondering that via Twitter. Lastly the modding community? Will we be able to make mods?

    Certainly Microsoft better have some sane people working there because if any of these aspects are touched, you can kiss several million players goodbye, including me.

    As for the good,

    Microsoft is huge. They have the potential to make this game some much better than it already is. In the end, you never know what will happen, but the only thing we can do is cross our fingers.
  4. WiZe

    WiZe Moderator Staff Member

    I think they know that they have to be careful not to loose the community. What has made Minecraft huge is the large community around it and also the YouTube videos. If Microsoft change the EULA to not let people monetize their videos, they will loose a lot of free PR
  5. TheXFactor117

    TheXFactor117 Regular user Forum Supporter

    True, and they shouldn't mess with the community.

    I just have a feeling they will do something to the way you get / get to play Minecraft to gain more money to get a return on their investment.
  6. SWknight007

    SWknight007 New user

    The Balance Between Community and Money

    Two-and-a-half billion dollars! That’s a lot of money. That amount is more than 6,250 houses like the kind that I live in. It is equivalent to the Gross Domestic Product of Monaco. It is also the price Microsoft paid for Mojang so it could own Minecraft. Gamers disagree about whether Microsoft will change the game for the better or for the worse. One thing is for certain: If we want Minecraft to stay as it is, we need to start a wish list. This way, the Minecraft Community will benefit as well as Microsoft.

    You may be thinking that Microsoft is a good influence on Minecraft because they have money to develop the game. We as Minecraft lovers need to be sure that Microsoft uses this money and power in the right way. Minecraft is a globally renowned title that is simple but complex at the same time. It manages this popularity with its many purposes while still being an all-round fun game.

    In my opinion, Microsoft needs to focus more on the PC version of the game – even if they may stand to profit more from Minecraft on the Xbox platform rather than the PC platform. First of all (according to the Minecraft website) Minecraft on the PC version alone has 16.8 million people who have bought the game already. This is not the only significant statistic. An average of about 7,000 people buy the PC version every day. This would put Minecraft on the PC at over the 20 million mark in about five and a half years --but on the Xbox platform, they just recently hit the six million mark in sales. To state it plainly, there are almost three times as many people who currently play on the PC.

    The wish list would substantially help all of us in the community of Minecraft express the direction we want this game to go. For instance, I personally believe that YouTubers and mod-makers should be able to continue to make money off of their Minecraft related activities. Phil Spencer (head of Xbox) has already promised this. "Minecraft YouTubers you're a great part of Minecraft's success and we have no plans to change what you're doing once we close the deal," he said on September 19, 2014 on his Twitter.

    We could also state what we want updates in the future to be like. If we make wish lists enough, Microsoft would be wise to listen. Imagine 16.8 million Minecraft players all writing one wish on the Minecraft forum. We would make history.

    Microsoft could turn out to be Minecraft’s greatest success or its worst failure. I would love for Microsoft to continue the success we all have come to expect in this world-renowned game. With their money they could enhance the game to an unbelievable level. So, as a community, we need to start a wish list to keep our beloved game as it is. Now, do it! :D
  7. MC Support

    MC Support New user

    I'm not too sure, I think Microsoft will do just fine.
  8. King_of_Nomads

    King_of_Nomads New user

    I don't think minecraft will benefit from the buy.
    I just truly hope microsoft won't mess minecraft up.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Regular user Forum Supporter

    Looking at Windows 8, GFWL, and all the other fuckups Microsoft has had, I think Minecraft will be hitting an end soon.

    I doubt they'll change anything drastically. In the community.
    However, you can basically kiss the old Minecraft goodbye. I think they'll encourage modding support, and will most likely make it easier to produce and share mods, and I also believe that Microsoft has a huge community outlook on things. That'll be the saving grace. Just don't expect Minecraft to remain the same.
  10. Zatharel

    Zatharel New user

    No, this won't have any extreme effect, at least not in the negative zone. Microsoft is a company that's well capable of managing Minecraft.
    The community is the same, the developers are the same except for the founders, what's there to go wrong?
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Regular user Forum Supporter

    Microsoft was built on greed.
    Mojang was built on giving players a good gaming experience.
  12. Zatharel

    Zatharel New user

    Perhaps, but Mojang still stands, just under different owners.I sincerely doubt Microsoft has the guts to make any serious changes to the developer set of Mojang.
  13. Sir_Creeper_345

    Sir_Creeper_345 Regular user

    I cant believe this has happened! I thought that for once I had found a game that would stay true to it origanal makers, and there is no way that this could be good for the future of Minecraft. Or should I say "microcraft"?
  14. Sir_Creeper_345

    Sir_Creeper_345 Regular user

    You'd be surprised at what they would do.
  15. Sir_Creeper_345

    Sir_Creeper_345 Regular user

    I just hope they dont screw it up to bad.
  16. Sir_Creeper_345

    Sir_Creeper_345 Regular user

    I was chuckling at my comment on "Microcraft" because a week or so later I saw the video done by The Minebox on that subject. I will leave a link in a future comment.
  17. TheXFactor117

    TheXFactor117 Regular user Forum Supporter

    Over the course of the last several months, a lot has come to my attention about the whole ordeal.

    First of all, Microsoft bought Mojang. Mojang, is still considered its own "entity", meaning, it is simply a company owned by Microsoft. All that this means is that Microsoft gets the money Mojang makes, pays the bills Mojang needs, and also pays the people who work at Mojang. While they may have a say in how Minecraft will be developed, I don't think they will mess with it too much, as right now, Minecraft is making a killing, and Microsoft wants their 2.5 billion back quickly. After they get their return, then we will see what pans out, as to whether or not Microsoft will experiment with the game, or let it be.

    Remember, the same (majority) developers are working on the game both now and before Mojang was bought, so they will still develop the game how they have planned it out.
  18. MrOldenburg

    MrOldenburg New user

    2.5 Billion For Minecraft Only ? Holy ****!! When Microsoft bought Minecraft from Mojang ? Tell Me Please
  19. AaronBlader12

    AaronBlader12 New user

    There won't be no DLC or Buyable Items as those means that Mojang and Microsoft breaks their own EULA.
    The only thing Microsoft gets from Mojang are the money that Minecraft and other Mojang games created.
    And so far, the only buyable things i can see are only Skin Packs and Mashup Packs. which is entirely cosmetic or doesn't make a specific player have more power towards the game.
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  20. ViolaBurter

    ViolaBurter New user

    Let's just hope that Minecraft will be always up :oops:
  21. AccessBot

    AccessBot Regular user

    This, in some ways, can be an upgrade.
    MOJANG first of all was using minecraft very rarely, they refused to update Minecraft and focused on other 'important' things.

    While Microsoft has been updating MC a heck lot of times, they have improved more in two months than MOJANG has done in two years.

    -From AB.
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