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Discussion in 'Maps' started by inichmitable, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. inichmitable

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    Hi guys, my nickname is Inichmitable and i like to build in minecraft. I build for 3 years and I'm improving more and more each passing day.
    Now I'm building a giant map for MMORPG server and i'm here to show you some builds!




    Not finished wet

    Hope you enjoy and if anyone is interested to joining my project you are welcome and add me on skype: inichmitable (Bastoune) !
  3. hooptiecoupe

    hooptiecoupe New user

    wow :) thanks for showing us some pics.

    Hey dude, PM me. I'd like to invite you to to help test out a server concept were putting together. It'll be ready for the public sometime in febuary.

    The concept/goal is for it to be a hosting server for custom maps for people to help eachother build.
    Each world is password protected. and we give map map owners voxelsniper, worldedit, and few otehr commands to help them build better.

    Plus, we've started up an area in our forums for builders, storytellers, commandblock coders, inter decoraters, landscapers/terraformers
    to all be able to discuss iddeas and plan builds and then.. get together on the server and put it together!

    Its gonna be crazy fun. Seems like the kinda thing you might enjoy. Its taking the creative server concept to a new level. :)
    PM me and i'll send you the information. I plan to open up to community whitelist testing 2nd week of january.
  4. the_manticora

    the_manticora Regular user

    They're all pretty neat.
    My favourite is the last one, looks a bit like a gothic cathedral but the wooden roofs make me concerned (Think lightning..) I guess it's WIP though.

    Keep up the building.

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