Minecraft Texture Studio - Create and Edit Resource Packs, Add Textures and Sounds

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    Download: Minecraft Texture Studio




    Changes in 1.0.2

    Included a small mode for when you are using a resolution with a smaller height. The mode is turned on automatically based on your display settings

    Changes in 1.0.1

    Added sounds
    Added formatting for the pack name
    Added colour picker
    Added a check to see if extracted jar location exists

    I have been working on a program that allows you to easily create and edit texture packs. Creating texture packs can be quite difficult, since it requires you to work out what pictures are used by what blocks, then you have to create a zip file with the right files in the right place, and you have to find your application data folder.

    This program simplifies the process by automatically detecting your minecraft folder, and the latest minecraft jar. You can then create a new texture pack, and the program will automatically extract the minecraft jar for you, copy all the textures into a new folder for your new texture pack, and load them. You can then switch to the blocks tab, select the block you want to edit and all the textures used by that model will be shown in the window.

    Drag and drop and picture into the picture box, or use the paint tools to alter the textures.Simply save the texture pack, and once the process is complete, you now have a texture pack ready for distribution. If you want to test out your texture pack, you can click "Save to Minecraft" and the program will copy your texture pack into minecraft for you.

    Once in minecraft just load the texture pack under the resource packs option in the menus and you are good to go!The program also includes an option to choose what textures you want included in your texture pack. If you want to make a texture pack of just ores, you can do that! The organise tab allows you to choose whatever textures you want included in your texture pack.

    If you would rather not extract the jar each time, you can go to the settings tab and choose extracted jar path and specify a path to an extracted jar, but then you need to extract the jar yourself, but once it is extracted you won't have to extract it again.

    Requires .net framework 4.5 or higher: Download

    Here are some screen shots

    Texture preview 1

    Organise tab

    Settings tab
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    Updated to 1.0.3

    Added painting on the 3D model. Just right click on the texture preview at the spot you want to paint. All tools available (like pen, bucket and picker) in 3D except line and rectangle.
    Added option to open a directory that holds an extracted resource pack
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    Looks great. Can't wait to try.
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    It does look pretty neat, and I would love to try it at some point.
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    thanks, it is so good to do my texture

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