Minecraft PS3 - Official Add Me Thread v1

Discussion in 'MCPS3: Multiplayer' started by WiZe, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. GTA_KING_321

    GTA_KING_321 New user

  2. Ilovebendemi

    Ilovebendemi New user

    My son is age 7
    PlayStation name ilovebendemi
    Just wants to play with other people

    This is his mother and adding him would make him happy
  3. Jdizzy

    Jdizzy New user

    Hi just looking for peeps to play minecraft with gamertag :jdizzy05
    Just add me if ur in the mood to play
  4. john adams

    john adams New user

  5. john adams

    john adams New user

    srry messed up gamertag
  6. RynTy

    RynTy New user

    My two boys play. no mic, they build and play and run around the game. Ages 8 and 9 years old. User name: dzteg
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  7. RynTy

    RynTy New user

    age 8 and 9 years old
  8. Kenny guest

    Kenny guest New user

    Please add me
    Psn: kennyguest
  9. Niteshayde

    Niteshayde New user

    My sons are looking for people to play with. Their IDs are:

    Zombieguy2009 & Tristanzander
    Ages 7 and 10, respectively.

    They generally play on creative, but with help will play survival. I believe they're looking for people to help them kill the ender dragon in survival. They want the trophies, lol.
  10. Add me my Psn is CAITLIN123XD
    Fun servers
  11. What's ur psn
  12. SniperFLAME7

    SniperFLAME7 New user

    1) boodog359
    - All these are the people who should have recieved a friend request from 'SniperFLAM7' (me) on your PS3 account. I hope you would like to play with me.
  13. ColsonW

    ColsonW New user

    Template idea:

    PSN: thewatchnews
    Age: 16
    Looking for: Nice creative or survival server.
  14. youzend1994

    youzend1994 New user

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