Minecraft New Survival Map Lets Play (Mixture Of Skyblock And Skygrid)


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Vestige Survival!!!

Vestige survival is a fun survival map. Its a mixture of "Skygrid" and "Skyblock", but more fun and has more to it. I hope you try it out your self and if you don't how to play.... CHECK OUT MY LETS PLAY HERE. I will be uploading a episode every single day. Also I will leave a download link to the map in the description of all my video. If you guys want to play along.

Description on Vestige Survival!

Survive among the wreckage of a world long forgotten in Vestige Survival. In the floating islands of the last remaining land you will find what you need to survive. Prove that you are a true Minecraft survivalist by living off only what remains of a world, rather than the world itself.

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