Minecraft Modded Survival Ep.3: Getting Lost and Screaming like a little Girl

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    Welcome My Epic Trixers to a new Modded Survival!

    Today, we shall embark on an EPIC Journey and to try and achieve all of our goals. I have faith in you guys to give me the support and the strength to complete this arduous journey! We shall first start by building our awesome house, then expand our house and property. Afterwards, find the essential ores and minerals to eventually have diamond armor and weapons. Then, we shall kill many Enderman, and Blazes to have many Eyes of Enders. Finally, we shall go and kill the ENDER DRAGON!

    I know we can do this, although I am a noob, and a failure, I have faith, that I will be able to complete this Epic Journey!


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    Sorry, but this is a double thread which you posted in the wrong section. Moderators please delete this thread from public view.
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    Oh, I am really sorry, I didn't realize that! Thank you so much for letting me know! I truly am sorry, it won't happen again. :)

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