Minecraft 1.7.9

Discussion in 'Minecraft News' started by MrPig, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. MrPig

    MrPig Moderator Staff Member

    Minecraft 1.7.9 has been released (actually some days ago). You can update via the Minecraft launcher.

    It is a minor update which support name change.

    Official release notes:

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Regular user Forum Supporter

    Finally! Name changing! So looking forward to this update.
  4. Zok_

    Zok_ Regular user

    Well, it is the preparation for later changes happening in 1.8.

    Not quite possible to change your name at this point, unfortunately.

    So much is coming: Realms, new blocks, new enchantment system, name changes, etc...
  5. lowanhminh

    lowanhminh New user

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