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    Download: Map Item Editor

    Updated for Minecraft 1.7.2!

    Includes new map colours

    Windows, Mac OS X and Linux supported!

    Note: Map items made with the MapItemEdit can be viewed by anyone in the game, i.e. they don't need to download MapItemEdit to be able to see the map items you made with MapItemEdit. The program is only needed to actually create custom map items.

    Ubuntu fully supported. The included binary should work on other linux OSs. The linux source is available on the sourceforge page, under the files tab, so you can compile it for your favourite linux OS if you so choose.

    Includes script to easily use in Mac OS X!

    Requires mono to work on Mac OS X, but includes a link to the mono download page.

    Changes in 1.1.0

    Command line options added
    -create newmapitem.dat picture.bmp
    -oldcolours, -oldcolors

    Map item files can be dragged and dropped into the program

    Changes in 1.0.9

    Included old colours for people using versions older than 1.7.2

    Changes in 1.0.8

    Included proper support for transparency

    Changes in 1.0.7

    Added small mode if you are running a resolution with a height below 800

    Changes in 1.0.6

    Fixed a bug where shades of white would be added to the minecraft map as transparent
    Added a paint option that allows you to paint any colour supported by minecraft maps directly to the canvas

    Changes in 1.0.5

    MapItemEdit now accepts the dimension to be either TagByte or TagInt. This doesn't change the user experience of the program, just a low level change that should remove problems some people have been having.

    Changes in 1.0.4

    Fixed a bug with the fonts
    Added the new map colours introduced in Minecraft 1.7.2.

    Changes in 1.0.3

    Export your minecraft map files as a bitmap (*.bmp) file

    Changes in 1.0.2

    Use any font installed on your computer to add text to a map item

    Hi guys! I have been working on a program that can view and edit minecraft map items.These are located in your minecraft save folder under the data folder, and are named map_0.dat, and increasing the number from there.

    I made it mostly because I was interested in making a minecraft tool, and thought making a map item editor would be a relatively easy thing to pull off. In the end it took a bit longer, because I also decided to make a named binary tag library (the data format used by minecraft) to use in the program.

    My initial version of the program wasn't as robust as a result. Using the library made my life a lot easier, as all the business with big and little endians and the bits and bytes is handled by the library. If you are interested, you can check it out here NBTSharp.





    Map items in minecraft can only display a small number of colors. Each map item is made up of 16384 pixels, which is 128*128 pixels. When you import a picture, the program takes a sample from your imported picture for each of pixels in the map item. The color matching is limited, but it gets the job done. Besides pictures, you could use a picture editor to write text into a picture and convert that using the program.

    The program gives the option of either stretching or squash your picture into the 128 pixels, or keeping the aspect ratio the same as the original picture.Another feature of the program is it allows you to edit the properties of the map items. xCenter and zCenter are the point at which the map is based. It defaults to 10000 for new files. Changing scale allows you to make close up or zoomed out maps. Dimension of 0 is for world map, and 1 for nether maps.

    Enjoy, and keep minecrafting!

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