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    My name is BlackNight and this is a RPG Minecraft World, This world is about taking jobs and performing them for currency which can get you items and upgrade your ranks whiten the world giving you more privileges. The Jobs and rules will be listed under this. Most importantly this world is about privacy. Many would like to do a rpg survival by themselves and in a quiet community. I as well as the players are expected to respect that. A microphone is NOT required, however you do have to check the bulletin in the Spawn Base regularly for updates. You are required to have a chest outside in a safe location before you can start receiving your currency, including salary, and it will be delivered to that chest by me or a high ranking member. You can Build your own house, pay builder to build it or live in a given house.

    All players must be respectful to other players Pvp will be included in a arena later in the development in the world so do not fight other players until then do not message me or a high rank player consistently You may pick your job but once you have that job if you ever want to switch it will cost currency Have Fun and enjoy your world

    Builder- Helps construct and fix spawn and help build town
    Lumberjack- Chops wood and brings wood for resources for town and spawn.
    Farmer- Grows food for people working on the town and spawn and sells food to other players if needed
    Cobblestone Miner- Mines cobblestone for use on town and spawn and can sell to other players
    Miner- Mines ores for use of resources on town and spawn, can also keep a percentage of ores found, you can also sell to players
    Carrier- Can only be given to a respectful player who has proven him or herself to be trustworthy and helpful, A carrier delivers currency to players and is the my right hand in ideas and options. Will receive increased salary if doing this job and another one.

    All these jobs are accepted and can be up to 2 of each except carrier.

    Gamertag: BlackNight0517
    Email: [email protected]

    So stay tuned for updates which will be updated on the bottom of this page with the date of the update beside it . so check regularly to see any updates and have a great day.


    UPDATE 0.01 (6/29/16) The game is ready to start playing for invite message me on xbox or reply down below your Gamertag
    UPDATE 0.02 (6/30/16) Safe-zone set and town outline set bulletin built and ready for players to list their jobs

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