Looking for fun players to play smp with


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Im 17 and I like playing minecraft in my free time and I'm looking for talented builders to play on this smp server with me.

I have been playing minecraft on and off for like 9 years and have came back to it in the hopes of making special builds I want to make an incredible looking town on this server and have fun doing it.

If you have Skype or twitch voice please leave it under this post but make sure you tell me a little bit about yourself before you do so


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Hello! I'm intrigued in this. I'm 13 and just looking to play with someone I'm not to experienced with building but I am good at building and know some techniques. I have Skype and or Discord. My Skype user is Anthony Richards, email is [email protected] and my number (just in case) is 385 289 8261. And my Discord is Aequoreus Korsarz #1103. Hope we can be friends and I can help you out with your world! :D