Looking for a fun community on my realms

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alex, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Alex

    Alex New user

    I am looking for a few people to help create a fun survival community on my minecraft realms. If so please be decent at building and get on often
  3. gladranger7

    gladranger7 Regular user

    I feel your pain my friend! I also have a realm and cant seem to find anyone who simply likes to build/survival... we should meet and maybe you could join mine or vise versa... lemme know what you think :)

    Ps how old is your realm/world?
  4. Alex

    Alex New user

    My world is A few days old I just reset haven't even found those sweet diamonds yet but yeah I have had realms for around 2 years but people just don't get on after the first week or two.
  5. gladranger7

    gladranger7 Regular user

    I know what you mean I have had this world for about 18 mouths old but has only been a realm for about 6 weeks. if you invite me I will gladly play with you tho.
    at some point tho you can come over to mine so we can take a look at what style we want to build :)
    ign is gladranger7
  6. AccessBot

    AccessBot Regular user

    It depends... what is the platform?

    -From AB.
  7. gladranger7

    gladranger7 Regular user

    well, anyone who is a natural born minecrafter knows to look at the date and use their miniature walnut brain to know that the time stamp on his post was before MCPE was even offering open realms.
  8. AccessBot

    AccessBot Regular user

    I am new to this forum, so don't hate unintelligent one.

    -From AB.
  9. toms

    toms New user

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    Please don't spam links that may be misleading
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  10. michellep83

    michellep83 New user

    I will join your Realms are able to join in the fun whenever. Username is michellep83

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