Look for members for a team!

Whats this... Team?

A Team To Create Websites. You do not have to have coding skills to be involved!

How do I join?

Its simple. Add me on skype ( F_I_E_R_C_E_S_H_A_D_O_W_1_6 ) and the interview will be done there.

Okay, but I need more information on this before decisions are made.

That's great! Although, you need to add me on skype so we can discuss things there..

You said you don't have to code?

That's right! If you are a good artist, or you think you can help manage this team, add me on skype and we can discuss if you are right for the part!

So, lets get some things clear
These are the roles available:
  • Manager - He/She will help manage time, and the team
  • Artist - He/She will draw images on photoshop or any other way they can do it for the website ( I.E Logos )
  • Coder - He/She will help code the websites
This is all fine and dandy, but would I get paid?

Of course you would! Payments will happen after the first website job is done! Its split equally between all of us!

Additional Information Will Be Provided In Skype Messages! Do Not Ask For It Here Unless You Really Need To!