Lonely Island Survival - Seed.

Discussion in 'Seeds' started by TekKrafty, Feb 17, 2014.


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  1. TekKrafty

    TekKrafty New user

    I am currently using this seed in my One Lonely Man! series on YouTube. I have found it to be an awesome seed for a survival island type gameplay, with deep oceans all around and large dungeons/mineshafts. I am still looking around but will post them as I go on with the series.


  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Regular user Forum Supporter

    Nice seed
  4. TekKrafty

    TekKrafty New user

    Thanks, I just randomly found it.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Regular user Forum Supporter

    It's pretty good I'd have to say
  6. TekKrafty

    TekKrafty New user

    Hey everyone here is a little update on this seed and what I have found.

  7. Ajjget

    Ajjget New user

    Looks pretty good, I might try it out sometime
  8. Hoang Hai Gamer!

    Hoang Hai Gamer! New user

    Great survival seed.

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