Introducing PoopooHead


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You're probably thinking right now, "Is this guy crazy enough to call himself PoopooHead." Usually, I say it's a long story, and get done with it, but here's the story of why my name is PoopooHead.

I was on a discord server. It's one of those servers where everybody is at least a little bit toxic, but that's the whole point. You don't go to the server if you don't want toxicity. You go to the server because you want toxicity. So, I was going around in the #geopolitics chat talking about how we should simply eat all of the people with lower IQs in the world, and that would solve practically every world problem because they all stem from overpopulation or stupidity, you know, as you do.

My name before that was ColonelUseless. So some guy bursts into the chat and says, "ColonelUseless, more like Poopoo head." I didn't have nickname permissions in the server yet, so I changed my entire discord account to Poopoo head#6025 (feel free to add me). I then went back into the chat and said: "How do you like me now!"

The name eventually grew on me, and I decided not to change back to ColonelUseless. I ultimately changed my Minecraft account name to PoopooHeadPlayz, and it is now my default name that I use for things.

The simple answer to how Poopoo head works so well as a username is that they can't call you a Poopoo head, because you already beat them to the punch. That's how you do things the Big Brain way.