I have a problem

Discussion in 'Resource Packs' started by Lomi_HD, Feb 26, 2017.


What do I have to do again?

  1. You have to reinstall your Minecraft

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  2. You must come to our ts3

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  1. Lomi_HD

    Lomi_HD New user

    I've got a problem, my minecraft suddenly stopped 3 weeks ago (it did not open). I reinstalled it. Then it went again but when I am in my resource pack folders are because the resource packs in it (for the version 1.8.8 I use the 1.8.8) but they are not displayed during the resource pack selection. The same is with the version, I use Labymod (version) and it does not go either. I ask for help
  3. Udisen

    Udisen Regular user

    1. Try unzip this resourcepacks

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