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    You incarnate 3 Teams in a game of random events, open PvP, custom side-missions and Extreme
    survival locked at its hardest difficulty; all possessing unique abilities of attack.

    This is a place where you defend your very own Castle against the other Teams, but this is also a place; home to many powerful creatures that lurk in those parts... However, the time is limited... You only have 20 minutes to prepare your assault and place a Gold Block upon the summet of the opposing Team's Castle, no matter how it is done... Could you be ready to take the Challenge?
    is a Multiplayer mini-game/adventure/PvP Map, created by J4TZplayZ.
    At first, this mini-game was destined to become part of my future Minecraft server but then became one of my first ever mini-game Maps that I had created and tested by BETA testers: Tombola and Sammygood11 (xXSammygodXx), but this had already taken me 5 long months to release the first playable version of the Map (1.0).
    It consists in multiple objectives, which concerns the Main objective: Placing the Gold Block on top of the opposing Team's Castle, and the custom side-missions in the game.
    These secret side-missions are linked to the random events that happen during gameplay. But what are they?
    That is to discover for yourself...

    There are 3 Teams in this mini-game: TeamRed, TeamBlue and TeamSpectator.
    TeamRed and TeamBlue have the same main objective; Place the Gold Block to win!
    However, TeamSpectator have a different objective; Eliminate all the Teams to win!
    need to disable the Castle's Security System by destroying all the Endercrystals around it; this will change the Team's spawnpoint and eliminate the Team when they die.
    But being careful is highly recommended because if you die, you are eliminated!
    and TeamBlue need to obtain a Gold Block; which consists in obtaining it from their TeamTrader at the last minute and 11 seconds of the game, or crafting it from the Gold ingots in the chests of their Castle. After obtaining it from the TeamTrader, the Teams will have to make their way up to the summet of the opposing Castle (apart from TeamSP tower) and place it to win!

    A map created by J4TZplayZ, with the help of Sammygood11 (xXSammygodXx) and Tombola.

    + Special thanks to IJAMinecraft for the Castles' Construction (All In One Command).

    Please check out IJAMinecraft's YouTube Video: Generate a Castle with only one command block! | Minecraft Castle Generator

    To download this map, visit "planetminecraft.com" and search "GoldWarsMC".
    You can also visit "ru-minecraft.org" for information (may need transalation...)

    If you can't find the download to this map, type:


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    Nice! How long have you been making stuff like this?
  4. xXSammygodXx

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    Sorry for the delay, I've been really busy!

    Me and J4TZplayZ have been making maps for 3 years now, and things have definitely changed since 2015.
    We are currently working on a new project called "Stray Capital", a new Minecraft Adventure Map (small sneak-peak).

    I'm sorry I haven't responded to your comment, I did actually see it a while back but never found time to reply :(

    I hope you have a great day/evening!


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