FAST Observer Item Elevator/Transit System - Working in 1.11 Official Release [The Watchmen Pipeline

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  1. Johnny Kayson

    Johnny Kayson New user

    Hello everyone,

    We would like to show all of you an invention we created using the new Observer blocks from the recent 1.11 update. A friend (Gr3atsaga) and myself were messing around a bit in our Redstone Test World, and found out quite a few interesting things about the observer block that by this point are probably common knowledge. However, what we found we could utilize it for became extraordinarily useful to us and we wanted to share it with all of the Minecraft community.

    One of the most important things to us lately in our Minecraft survival world, has been the swift bulk transportation of items, however, like many of our fellow players, we had constant issue with finding a design which was ideal for both delivering 100% of the items and doing so at top speeds. A long time ago, we fixed one design to serve our purposes, but with this update, we soon found that the observer block was the salvation we were looking for. Using it to carry a signal, as well as work as the initial powering mechanism for the machine, we literally (without exaggeration) created an item transit system, that not only topped the speed of systems known to us, but also could be used horizontally (any direction) as well as vertically (both up AND down) and could be connected and turned in pretty much any way we could imagine. We fiddled some more with it to refine the system and created varying builds, so that just about anyone could build it regardless of their available resources in Survival Minecraft (with obvious limitations).

    Without further ado, we would like to present, the Watchmen Pipeline.

    We went as far as to create a major Minecraft Showcase on it, showing the varying builds and how to make a few of them, along with a world download link (all of which we shall post here as well).

    YouTube Video Link:

    Download Links:


    We hope you all enjoy and find this extremely useful, as we have. Please do not hesitate to give us any feedback on our little invention, and we look forward to speaking with you all.

    Kindest Regards, from Johnny Kayson and Gr3atsaga.
    Part of the Patch Ratchet team.
  3. progamers22

    progamers22 New user

    nice build!!! :)
  4. gladranger7

    gladranger7 Regular user

    This is really great! I have seen a few better designs but u guys are great!
  5. Gr3atsaga

    Gr3atsaga New user


    Better in what ways?
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  6. HeGreaterThanI

    HeGreaterThanI Regular user

    Hey this is awesome and as you said....super efficient!
    @gladranger7 yes, I have seen a couple designes but I am not good enough with redstone to know much of a difference lol :)
    Good job guys!
  7. gladranger7

    gladranger7 Regular user

    I didn't mean to be so cold... it was just a written thought...
    I have seen a few that are better that have a quad-system and it moves faster, but this one is really great one I may use one of these to move up my mines in a faster method. well done!
  8. Gr3atsaga

    Gr3atsaga New user

    And I am only curious what these systems are, and how they are better. As far as I have seen on YouTube, ours is the best. It's better than glass item elevators in most aspects, though glass item elevators still have their use in auto farms, since our system requires that double input at the same time to run efficiently. Glass Item Elevators might be able to match the speed of the Watchmen Pipeline in smaller scale item transportation, but when you start tranpsorting a huge number of blocks, the Watchmen Pipeline is actually way faster; The Watchmen Pipeline is the most compact, fastest, and most flexible system I have seen on youtube. I have not seen any designs such that you are describing - perhaps you can point me in their direction?

    As far as you thinking about using it in your mines... well that was exactly the reason we created the Watchmen Pipeline. We were originally going to use a Minecart system that would funnel items down a railway to an item elevator, but of course that is now obsolete with our invention of the Watchmen Pipeline - far more compact, less messy, and an overall better system. I've actually been working with a few ideas to try and force a pseudo single input, still having no luck, but I might figure it out eventually.
  9. gladranger7

    gladranger7 Regular user

    the system I have seen uses the exact system that urs does (it is probably based of yours) but it would wholly useless for survival unless you play with cheats or creative, your works well!
    the system (not yours) has a very simmer system and I will try to find ya a link but it basically is the same system but it has two sets on of upwards feeding hoppers, basically if u put a second system to the immediate left.

    as I said I love yours and since I am very focused on mining right now and I'm in an extreme hills I may use this. :D
  10. Gr3atsaga

    Gr3atsaga New user

    Upwards feeding hoppers or droppers? If you actually meant hoppers, I might know the design you are talking about, however I thought that that one was a Glass Item Elevator.

    Now I know that two youtubers actually had designs very similar to ours - funny enough, we actually designed ours completely on our own and only found this out AFTER designing the Watchmen Pipeline. Ilmango had two designs he was working on, and Acrobaticon was working on 4 designs. Both made them in the snapshots of 1.11 and all their designs were broken by the full release, and I guess they just haven't gotten around to trying to fix them? I am not sure, but we have been trying to spread the Watchmen Pipeline around on their videos, because as I said... our system is actually quite like theirs, and is actually working.
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  11. HeGreaterThanI

    HeGreaterThanI Regular user

    @Gr3atsaga you seem really food with Redstone to have made one on your own!
    However as I said before.....there ARE other designs (not saying that yours is better or worse just pointing out that there are others and you aren't the only one)
  12. Gr3atsaga

    Gr3atsaga New user

    Exactly, as I pointed out, there are two other youtubers with similiar designs. I am only asking what these designs are. Because I searched youtube for quite awhile for any other systems using observers. And only found those that either are Glass Item Elevators, or were broken in snapshots.

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